Malizia di Cambiano 

                             nata il 4 marzo 2002


P E D I G R E E            

   Larsen of Colomber Field

Heysompark Huggy Bear

Heysompark Copper King

Brettonpark Country Tweed

Brookpark Lady Jane

Heysompark Duchess

Arranbrook Mr.Chips of Aberhill

Heysompark Perfection

Evolon of Colomber Field

Cody of Colomber

Wardette Bobby Shaftoe

Urka of Still River

Carita of Colomber Field

Wardette Bobby Shaftoe

Unes of Colomber Field

   Simply Magic di Cambiano

Amalie Yorkshire Bitter at Cambiano

Lynway Seldom Sober

Lynway Sandknocker

Lynway Serenade

Blossoms Black at Amalie

Percheron Benjamin Black at Amalie

Warjar Hollyberry of Amalie

Lovepotionnera di Cambiano

Light My Fire di Cambiano

Irving Nero di Cambiano

Sangreat Sofily Sentimental

Dangerous Dream di Cambiano

Rifflesea Restraint

As My Dream in Gold di Cambiano



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